Entries from July 2010

I’m getting wet there…

Author: , July 28th, 2010

Doesn’t matter where, we can make it down on the floor. Fortunately I got soft carpet there ;) I’ll take my new body off, show you my breasts off, make your cock stand up in second, and then ride you on every possible positions and styles. This is what I am hungry about today!
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My precious!

Author: , July 27th, 2010

My bosom is my biggest precious and God thanks that no one can ever take it away from me ;) Since I remember, I had my boobies larger than my friends, and they were often very jealous. But I wasn’t brag of them, never, believe me that sometimes it was quite hard to live with them, especially what I was a child ;) But today – today I don’t complain about them ;)
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Teasing camera

Author: , July 25th, 2010

I was just hanging around the house and thought I`d get a little naughty with the camera. I took my time teasing the camera and you by slowly slipping out of my clothes and giving you an eye full of my tits and shaved pussy.
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Sexy piano session

Author: , July 19th, 2010

I don’t like to play at this, I wanna fuck on it, fuck hardcore and hear the melody of our nasty love. So, could you take care about my fresh shaved pussy? I’ve made it smelling and to be so soft, first of all you have to lick me well, than I’ll give you it to stretch wide. Just as I love.
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Eat Terry, eat if you are hungry ;)

Author: , July 18th, 2010

Nothings better than some healthy proteins in the morning, right after the wake up! Terry knows about it and uses this diet from couple of years. And look how pretty girl she is! It must really work! If you don’t believe, try yourself ;) Here you can see how it should be applied ;)
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Bang her pussy

Author: , July 16th, 2010

BoobsAna is a true whore. She couldn`t wait to get a hold of this guy`s hard dick. Once she had his attention she teases him with those big tits and he can`t deny her his hard dick. She sucks up that cock and spreads her legs so he can bang that tight pussy on her desk. When he is done she is covered in cum and happy as a clam.
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My naughtiest friends and I

Author: , July 10th, 2010

Oh I love them. Every time we meet with each other, it can’t end in other way. Finally we have to end on the floor with our sweet dildos inside of our tight holes. Come and see us penetrating these butterflies deep, as it only possible, in many different ways, to feel the biggest pleasure possible! My five nude friends and I’m waiting for you inside. Just think to appear in this room between us
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Rachel and Amil in lesbo action

Author: , July 9th, 2010

Rachel and Amila are having a blast as they oil each other up with baby oil. These two hot blonds have some super huge boobs and a nasty attitude. It started off innocent enough with them just massaging in that baby oil, but they can`t keep each their hands off each other and they are soon slipping those fingers in and out of those slick pussies.
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Me as Gipsy Queen

Author: , July 9th, 2010

I always wanted to be a Gipsy girl, wear these cool, color clothes, see through kerchiefs, have no home but travel all the Europe around and sing a lot! My dreams ;) Fortunately I can at least play gipsy sometimes, for example on my favorite swing pretending my lovely donkey ;)
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White lingerie

Author: , July 5th, 2010

Everyone keeps telling me how much they enjoy my lingerie shoots. I decided to do one in white and pink. I`m not sure if I like how this outfit looked on me, but the photo guy was drooling, so I think it might be ok.
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