Entries from October 2010

Wanna some fetish now?

Author: , October 24th, 2010

I think you haven’t seen me in fetish style yet. So it’s the best moment to show you something. I’ve bought this leather costume especially on this occasion, and it was quite expensive… So I hope you’ll like me in it.
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Watch and cry!

Author: , October 14th, 2010

Now this is gonna make you feel just crazy! I wear my tightest red dress and my favorite black panties. These two colors made a beautiful connection, hot as hell and sexy as only I can be ;) So, when I will spread my legs, could you come in me and give me some pleasure? I wait for you and getting wetter!
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Let’s make it on the floor

Author: , October 5th, 2010

I don’t know any places where I’d have no sex really ;) Of course, floor was one of the first places, besides my bed maybe, where I had it. Sometimes it was too hot and too horny to think about any better things to fuck on so we were enjoying ourselves on hard, cold floor ;) For example – exactly where I am laying now!
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