Entries from December 2010


Author: , December 31st, 2010

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Lazy summer morning

Author: , December 21st, 2010

There was nothing else to do than to go out and enjoy the morning’s sun. For our busty babe, nothings better than holidays on empty and quiet country. Goat makes sounds somewhere, birds are flying above her head, nothing forbids getting almost totally nude and catching some sun on her huge bosom. Try making the same in city ;)
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Author: , December 11th, 2010

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Chikita wants kill us all

Author: , December 10th, 2010

No, she doesn`t usually wear such clothes, but today is the special occasion. We ended a big photo and video session with her, full of nice moments and surprises. She got a cash and kiss for goodbye, of course after the party we made to celebrate work with her. Now it`s time on you to decide if you want her here again or not?
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Spend Christmas with me!

Author: , December 1st, 2010

What else could I give you on Christmas days than myself? Here, take the special gallery made especially for my biggest fans. During we were making it, I was thinking about all of you, really, I was hoping that no one of you will be alone these days, that everything`s good about you and you feel at least as fine as me ?
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