Entries from October 2011

Basic Instinct 2

Author: , October 24th, 2011

The director said that we have to repeat this scene, this time in brighter light and without nudity. He said that sometimes showing less make guys fell crazier than showing all at once ;)
Of course I am joking, we just decided to shot few pictures in my new, very tight as you can see, shirt. And… yes, I think I’m gonna keep it
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Mature babe`s favorite joy!

Author: , October 12th, 2011

Give a mature, or at least over 20 years old a dildo and you`ll see how little children backs inside of her and she starts to behave like a sultry teenager! She will probably forget about the crew around, about the cameras and lights, and will show you the essential of the home alone whiles with favorite toy.
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Deodorant instead of dildo ;)

Author: , October 9th, 2011

It`s not a commercial of some deodorants for women, it`s a video of me missing for my favorite toy. Weeks are enough to get crazy for some pleasure and biggest I always get when I care about it myself ;) So I took this deo and out it into my pussy to stretch it well you know that I liked it really? Yummy! I have to practice it more often in home ;)
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Big enough to come between

Author: , October 7th, 2011

Arena`s huge boobies are big enough to score them, make naughty tit-fucking action with sticky cum shooting scene in the end. We have to think about it in the nearest future. For now, you can imagine your own friend penetrating these soft regions of the space between her breasts. Damn, interesting witch one of the crew guys will be this lucky one to play with her this way.
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Bikini Show

Author: , October 4th, 2011

Want to see my brand-new bikini? It’s hot and REALLY shows off my cleavage when I lather up my boobs!
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